2 Photo Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography!

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2 Photo Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography!

These two tips will instantly improve your landscape photography or any outdoor photos. Use rubber bands and filters!

Photo Tip #1: Use filters in your photos!

Filters are an essential addition to any high-quality photo. Most top photographers use filters on almost every shot.

Many of us use a point-and-shoot – or an automatic – camera to capture digital photography. We’ll shoot hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in the hope that one will be good.

We don’t often do. This has led to a dramatic decline in the number of photographers over the past few years. It is only going to get worse.

Instead of learning how to become great photographers, we are learning how to “fix” photos in Photoshop.

Photoshop is not a problem. However, it should be used to improve photography. This is not a fix.

We will often use Photoshop to add filters.

If you just want to do a colour wash on the entire image, Photoshop can do that!

There are some filters that you should have on your lens, rather than trying to add them later. It is possible to spend hundreds of hours trying to add the filters seamlessly to each photo.

You can use polarizers, UV filters and neutral density filters.

These filters are essential for every camera bag. This UV filter protects your lens from scratches and other damage. If you desire sharp images, the UV filter can be removed prior to shooting. Polarizers reduce glare from shiny objects and provide better skies. It is difficult to imagine taking outdoor photos without a polarizer. Neutral density filters allow us to have more control over the shutter speed and other parameters.

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These filters are essential for the best photographers. Sometimes, however, there are problems.

Photo Tip #2: Keep a Rubber Band handy!

Filters that attach to the front of your lens will eventually cause problems. It’s stuck!

Here are some suggestions:

Wrap a rubber band around the filter. This will provide enough grip to turn the filter.

Where can I keep my rubber band?

One can be kept in your camera bag for convenience, but you could also wrap it around your wallet. Or do both.

Wrapping a rubber band around your wallet makes it nearly impossible for pick-pockets to take it out! You’ll be able to see the difference!

Although your wallet is more secure than if it were in your purse, it’s still difficult to steal your wallet from your purse.

These are two easy tips to improve your landscape and outdoor photography. Check out the resources box for more information!



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