Beginners Guide to Editing Your Photos

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Beginners Guide to Editing Your Photos

Are there digital images that don’t look right for you? Sometimes digital images can become faded or have a bluish or greenish hue. These imperfections can be fixed with PaintShop Pro, an editing program. These steps will help you become an expert at applying editing effects to digital images.

1. Let’s set up your settings.

After you open Paint Shop, you’ll see a gray bar at the bottom of your software window. It spans the width of the entire program window. This gray bar is located under the options for “File,” “Edit,” etc. Right-click on the gray bar to scroll down to “Toolbars.” Below “Toolbars,” you will find options for what tools you would like to keep open in the gray space. These editing options will appear when you click on “photo.” Just hover your mouse over each icon to find out its purpose.

2- Rotate your image correctly.

If you don’t have the correct perspective, it can be difficult to edit a photograph. This is easiest to do by opening the image to rotate. Three icons will appear on your top toolbar. They contain blue and white shapes. Arrows indicate which direction they should be rotated. These icons are your rotation tools. Simply click in the direction you want your image to rotate. The rest of the editing will take place while your image is open.

3 Let’s now examine your brightness and contrast.

A photo that appears soft or faded is not what anyone wants. You can make your images appear crisper by adjusting the Contrast/Brightness. The Contrast/Brightness Tool enhances the blacks and whites of your images. The icon depicts a triangle, with the top being a light blue and the bottom being black. Click on the icon to open a window that will ask you to enter numbers for the brightness and contrast levels. Start by setting both the contrast and brightness levels to 10 before pressing ‘OK. Repeat until you get your desired results. You can adjust your contrast to 10 and your brightness to 0. If your image is already bright enough, but you want it to appear crisper, increase the brightness to 10. Once again, press OK and continue to do so until you achieve your desired results. You can preview the effects by clicking the icon that looks like eyes in the Contact/Brightness window. Click ‘OK’ if you are satisfied with what you see. You can always re-configure your settings if you are unhappy with the choices you have made. Simply press the eye again to hide the preview.

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We will now focus on color. While there are many ways to adjust the colors of your images, this is a manual technique that allows you to choose what color to apply to your image. The ‘Adjust Color Balance’ tool creates a triangle with a light blue top and black bottom. A halo contains red and blue squares at the tip. A window will open when you click on the icon. Change your ‘Tone balance’ to Midtones’ and tick the box below to Preserve luminance. There are three scroll lines that allow you to change the color. There are two options: you can manually enter numbers into the white boxes, or you can move the cursor manually left or right to adjust the color. If your image takes on a reddish hue, you can move the cursor from left to right, moving it between the options cyan and red. This will increase the cyan hues in your image and decrease the amount of red. It takes a lot of trial and error to balance colors. You can preview how your effects will look by clicking the eye icon in the Adjust Color Balance window. Click ‘OK’ if you are satisfied with what you see. You can always re-configure your settings if you are unhappy with the choices you have made. Simply press the eye again to hide the preview.

Your image will look new. Are there any marks, scratches, or writing on your images? To fix these, you will need to use the “cloning” tool? This is another game. To improve your editing skills, check out these tutorials for using PaintShop’s clone tool.

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