Photographing Horses For Equine Art – 3 Useful Tips

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Photographing Horses For Equine Art - 3 Useful Tips

Horses are stunning photographic subjects. They’re so beautiful alive, vibrant and easy to capture their essence in a photograph will result in a stunning work of art created by horses. However, there are a number of difficulties for any horse photographer.

Horses can move quickly. Capturing them on camera could be a challenge. Most of the time, when you have your camera on Auto you will end having a picture that isn’t satisfying that isn’t sufficiently sharp, perhaps the horse is left half the frame before the shutter is triggered.

We have three easy suggestions to improve your photography abilities. They aren’t limited to horse photography, but to any animal that is moving.

Be aware of your camera’s settings

The ideal camera is one that has semi-manual or manual settings that you can utilize to maximize the chance of capturing the perfect photo.

Your camera should be set to priority shutter speed and A or TV on the majority of cameras.

If horses are racing or jumping, choose an extremely fast shutter speed of no less than 1500 seconds. When shooting horse portraits in which the horse is in a standing position, it may be slower, but not less than 60 seconds.
Find out what aperture you’re receiving to match that shutter speed.

If the light is dim, you may need to adjust your ISO setting to create an aperture that provides sufficient to have enough depth. For most modern cameras, the ISO of 1600 can still give you an acceptable result.


If a horse is moving swiftly, maybe on the course of a jump or out in the wild usually it’s gone before you’ve had for focusing and clicking. If you don’t have a professional lens, one that is equipped with a super-fast auto-focus feature, you may prefer switching to manual focus. It is possible to pre-focus your lens to a predetermined location, possibly the jump in itself, and all you need to do is click once you are in correct location. Many amateurs miss the shot they desire because their lens is too slow to auto-focus.

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Make sure you take lots of photos

We believe that professional photographers can take great photos just because they’re skilled but that’s not the case however, it’s equally true that they also are also prone to taking lots of less great photos, too. The reason is that they are able to take a large number of photos in total. The more pictures you take, the higher the chance of them being truly exceptional. Don’t stop after just two or three pictures. Continue to take more. Take a picture of the horse each when it takes off over an obstacle. Capture the horse’s portrait from various angles and keep pressing that shutter release.

Kit Heathcock, freelance writer who is writing on behalf of Rachel Dubber, a well-known photographer and artist with a love of horses. She is the creator of a vast collection of breathtaking horse art, photography, and sculpture. Her current home is Cape Town, South Africa she captures the uniqueness of each horse, in portraits as well as for her own artwork.



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